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Wine Glasses

Discover the Perfect Wine Glass

Gather around, wine lovers and toast-makers! We're peering into the world of elegant sipping with a glass crafted for more than just one occasion. Meet your new ally in celebration: Crate and Barrel’s wine glass collection, featuring all types of glasses for your favorite wines.

Glasses Designed for Reds & Whites

Unwind in style with our classic red wine glasses—your companion for a perfect pour. Each red wine glass boasts a seamlessly smooth, fire-polished rim and a sleek pulled stem, marrying durability and elegance. Delight in a variety of crystal-clear glasses made specifically for bold cabernets or smooth pinot noirs.

Experience the crisp and refreshing notes of white wines with our elegant white wine glasses. From chardonnay to sauvignon blanc, our glasses are designed with crystalline clarity and fire-polished rims to enhance your wine-tasting experience. Each white wine glass in our collection makes the perfect drinking glass to appreciate the delicate characteristics of white wine.

Aside from red and white wine glasses, we also carry other wine glass types such as long-stemmed wine glasses and stemless glasses. These classic beauties not only bring out the best in your wine but also make a stylish statement on any table. Perfect for both red and white wines, these glasses offer a contemporary twist without compromising on quality or taste.

Sip, Celebrate, Repeat

Imagine your next gathering where the clink of glass ushers in smiles, and the sparkle of wine ignites conversation. Gift yourself or a loved one the joy of versatile, stylish wine glass types perfect for any selection from your cellar. 

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