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Serving Utensils

Equip Your Table with Quality Serving Utensils

When it comes to finding the right serving utensils for your table, Crate and Barrel has everything you need. From standard utensils like ladles and serving spoons to more unique pieces like pastry servers and ice cream scoops, you can find the perfect utensil for any of your dishes. Not only will these utensils elevate your everyday dining experience, but they’ll also make it easier to serve your go-to dishes when you’re hosting. 

Utensils For Serving Your Culinary Creations

At Crate and Barrel, you’ll find a variety of serving utensils for every dinner table. We carry slotted serving spoons ideal for dishing out your favorite dishes on your plate. Our buffet ladle is perfect for all casual or elegant entertaining on the table. The serving fork in our collection will make it easy to serve pasta, meats, and other dishes.

We also have a pastry server perfect for slicing and serving cakes, pies, and other desserts. If you love serving cheese boards, our collection also includes a set of cheese knives designed to make cutting and serving different varieties of cheese easy and elegant.

Adding these quality serving utensils to your table is a great way to elevate your dining experience. From pasta serving utensils to cheese knives and more, there’s something for all your dishes at Crate and Barrel. Browse and find more serving utensils for your table today.

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