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A Buyer’s Guide: How to Choose Your Sofa

A Buyer’s Guide: How to Choose Your Sofa

When it comes to furnishing your home, buying a sofa or couch is one of the most important purchases you'll ever make. Whether you're setting up your first apartment or upgrading your living room, the first step in purchasing furniture is definitely knowing how to choose a sofa. 

It pays to know that not all sofas are created equal. Every sofa has different functions, forms, and ambiance that may make or break your living space’s aesthetic. Read on to know the sofa basics and buying tips for you.


Types of Sofas


Sectional Sofa

In choosing a sofa, you should know the type you need based on the size, seating capacity, and overall function. How many people can sit on it comfortably? Is the sofa ideal for lounging or formal sitting? Will it fit in a small apartment or is it flexible enough for large family spaces? Here are a few choices.

Sectional Sofa

Here’s a flexible sofa that you can rearrange and style however you want. A sectional sofa consists of at least two sections or pieces to create the shape you need. This type of multi-piece furniture is an ideal option for large family rooms and open-plan spaces.

Loveseat Sofa

Commonly known as a 2-seater sofa, a loveseat sofa is designed to sit two people comfortably. It is often paired with accent chairs to complete the look. This makes a loveseat the best choice for both small and large spaces. Due to its size, it offers a versatile seating solution without taking up too much space.

Apartment Sofa

Boasting the same silhouette as the standard 3-seater sofa, an apartment sofa is simply just a small couch. It is shorter in length with less depth than a full-size sofa. Its size perfectly maximizes small apartment spaces.

Sleeper Sofa

When it comes to practical furniture, a sleeper sofa is a multi-use furniture you need in your home.  Also known as sofa beds, it combines the best features of both a bed and a sofa in one. This type of sofa has a foldable bed frame inside that can be pulled out to unfold a mattress. Use it as an extra sleeping space for your overnight guests.

Sofa Styles

The next step is to determine the sofa style you want based on these factors: armrest, backrest, and cushioning styles. Understanding these style elements will help you choose a sofa that matches your home’s aesthetic and decor.

Low Profile Sofa

Need a sofa for low-ceiling areas of your house? A low-profile sofa can easily make your living spaces appear taller and more spacious. This sofa style easily complements the minimalist and urban interiors with its low height, comfy-looking cushions, and low backrest. 

Curved Back Sofa

If you want a trending and statement sofa for your living area, a curved-back sofa is for you. Its rounded edges can soften any room full of sharp angles. Position this sofa in the middle of the room to expose the curved silhouette.

Tight Back Sofa

A tight-back sofa is a low-maintenance choice for those who want a form-fitted, cushionless, and firm-shaped sofa. It features an upholstered backrest that is always going to look sleek. It’s the perfect canvas for those who love throw pillows. 

Pillow Back Sofa

Opposite a tight-back sofa is the pillow-back sofa. Unlike fixed-back sofas, pillow-back sofas have back cushions that sit loosely against the frame. This sofa style lets you sit back and sink into softness with its large backrest cushions.

Track Arm Sofa

A track arm sofa boasts clean, straight lines with tailored angles. The outline of its arms resembles that of an upside-down L or the shape of a square. Ideal for small spaces, it has a modern appeal and contemporary style with no curves that take up room. 

The Final Step Before Buying

Now that you know the sofa you want for your space, it’s time to get the right measurements. Make sure to measure your doorways, hallways, even the elevator of your apartment, and most importantly, the area you want to put your sofa in. Use a measuring tape to get the height and width of ceilings, interior walls, door frames, and even the other furniture pieces you will be matching it with.

Don’t forget to check the measurements of the sofa you are planning to buy and compare them to the dimensions of your space.

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