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Mixing Bowls

Essential Mixing Bowls from Crate and Barrel

A reliable set of mixing bowls is a must-have for any home cook.  Anyone who loves to spend time in the kitchen knows that mixing bowls is among the essentials of any kitchen. From glass and ceramic bowls to small and large mixing bowls, Crate and Barrel has a selection to choose from, so you can find the perfect bowl for every cooking or baking project.

Versatile Mixing Bowls

Crate and Barrel’s mixing bowls are made to handle all your baking and cooking needs, from whipping up a cake batter to tossing a salad. Our mixing bowls for baking and cooking are made from stainless steel, glass, or ceramic, so you can choose the best bowl for your kitchen needs.

Crate and Barrel's mixing bowls also come in a variety of sizes, materials, and designs to meet the needs of every cook. Some of the most popular mixing bowls from Crate and Barrel include a set of durable glass bowls perfect for mixing, whisking, and beating ingredients. 

We also carry large stainless steel bowls ideas for mixing batter or dough. These mixing bowls are made with high-quality materials, so you can be sure they will last for years to come. The variety of sizes and styles makes it easy to find the perfect mixing bowls for your kitchen. 

Aside from glass and stainless steel, our collection also includes glazed ceramic mixing bowls to add a pop of color to your kitchen counter. 

Find the Perfect Mixing Bowl Set Now

Crate and Barrel's mixing bowls are perfect for home chefs of all levels. Whether you're a beginner or a seasoned pro, you'll find a bowl that's right for you. Discover the perfect mixing bowl set that combines functionality, versatility, and style.

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