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The Ultimate Guide to Throw Pillow Sizes & Arrangements

The Ultimate Guide to Throw Pillow Sizes & Arrangements

In interior design, throw pillows are not just decorative elements but also serve functional purposes. From providing additional support and comfort to acting as focal points, these cozy accessories transform any room instantly. 

In this guide, we’ll help you choose a pillow and select the right size and shape, to finding the perfect fabric and color. We’ll also give you tips on how you can style and arrange throw pillows, so you can create visually appealing spaces at home that reflect your unique style.

Understanding Standard Throw Pillow Sizes and Shapes

Choosing the right size and shape for throw pillows is essential for a well-designed living space. The go-to standard throw pillow sizes are 18x18 inches, 20x20 inches, and 22x22 inches. 

But why stop at squares? Experiment with different pillow case sizes and shapes to create even more visual interest. Here’s a closer look at the different types of pillow shapes and sizes:


The top favorite among throw pillow shapes is the classic square, also referred to as Euro Square. These pillows are incredibly versatile and perfect for stacking, mixing, and matching. The dimensions most commonly found for square throw pillows are 16x16in, 18x18in, 20x20in, and 23x23in. They’re also the perfect pillow shape to add to sofas and even beds.

Body or Lumbar

Large rectangular lumbar pillows are a practical and supportive choice, providing essential spinal support. They offer both elegance and incredible comfort, making it the perfect upgrade for your leisurely afternoons on the sofa. They mostly come in 10x20in or 15x22in size, lumbar throw pillows can enhance any seating experience. However, they may not be suitable for small sofas.


With cozy knits and chic velvets, round throw pillows come in different styles to suit your taste. Typically ranging from 18 to 22 inches in diameter, round pillows make perfect accent pieces. Their unique shape, however, can make layering a bit tricky. But fear not, as their stand-alone beauty is enough to elevate any space.


With their unique cylindrical shape, they can be used for various purposes. These pillows are commonly found in bedrooms, but also serve as decorative elements for the sofa. While bolster pillows offer excellent comfort, some find them too firm or bulky. Common sizes of bolster couch pillows include 6" diameters with 12" length or 7" diameters with 20" length.  

Choosing Pillows for Different Furniture Types

Are you looking to spruce up your sofa or couch? One way to add a pop of style and comfort to any furniture piece is with decorative pillows and throw blankets. Here are some tips to help you choose the perfect ones.

Small Sofas

Two-seater sofas or loveseats have limited space for decorative throw pillows. Consider using one lumbar pillow or placing one to two square pillows on each corner to maximize the small seating space.


If you put a throw pillow on an armchair, opt for a single square throw pillow or a round pillow. Anything bigger might use up too much seating space.

Large Sofas

Large sofas like three-seaters or sectional sofas offer ample space for experimenting with different throw pillow combinations. Try using lumbar or Euro pillows per seat cushion to elevate the comfort and aesthetic of your sofa without giving it a cluttered look. Choosing the right combination of throw pillows on your sectional sofa will help you achieve a balanced and cozy seating arrangement.


Placement of throw pillows on your bed is based on the bed size. For a California king-size bed, it is ideal to stack a few throw pillows in front of sleeping pillows. Round pillow designs also create a beautiful centerpiece. For a Twin bed, use a smaller square pillow that can fill the space perfectly.

Mastering the Art of Pillow Layering

When creating a cozy and visually appealing space, one often overlooked design element is pillow layering. Layering pillows involves selecting different pillow sizes, exploring various layering techniques, playing with texture, and incorporating throw pillow case designs to achieve a cohesive look on sofas and beds. Here’s how to style throw pillows by layering: 

Vary the Sizes

Mix and match different pillow sizes to create depth and dimension. Start with large, Euro-sized pillows, followed by standard-sized pillows, and finish with smaller decorative accent pillows.

Play with Textures

Experiment with various textures of pillowcases to add a tactile element to your pillow arrangement. Combine pillowcases with smooth satin, soft velvet, and cozy knits for a captivating blend. The mix of textures enhances the overall aesthetic and brings a touch of sophistication to your sofa or bed.

You can easily layer pillows by their design as long as you have a variety of designs suited for different sizes. You can use a velvet throw pillow cover for a sleek and timeless touch to your sofa, chair, or bed that has a more classic look. On the other hand, opt for a handwoven pillow cover with a touch-temping dimension to pair with smooth pillows. 

Embrace Pattern Mixing

Feel free to mix patterns when layering your pillows. Choose a standard pillowcase with a dominant pattern, such as florals or stripes, and complement it with smaller-scale prints in similar solid color schemes. This technique brings excitement and personality to your pillow arrangement without overwhelming the eye.

Nowadays, modern pillow covers showcase a variety of designs and patterns that create a striking piece to freshen up the sofa or arrangement. 

Consider Quality Pillow Inserts

Opt for high-quality down or down-alternative pillow inserts for comfort and a plump and luxurious appearance. These inserts provide just the right amount of softness and maintain their shape, giving your pillows a more polished look.

Get the Down-Alternative 18” Pillow Insert made with lofty polyester fiberfill, it provides the same cozy feel as feather down and is hypoallergenic, ensuring a snuggle-worthy experience for everyone. 

Don't Forget Proportions

Keep the size of your furniture in mind while layering pillows. Big sofa sets like sectional and modular sofas require more pillows to achieve a balanced look, while 2-seater sofas benefit from a more restrained pillow arrangement. A similar rule applies to beds.

Throw in Some Blankets

For a cozier sofa or bed arrangement, add a throw blanket that complements the other elements of your pillows. Blankets provide an effortless way to elevate the appeal of throw pillows on your furniture.

Throw pillows or decorative pillows provide an opportunity to add a pop of color or a unique touch to any space. It’s also a perfect way to showcase your personal style. Remember to strike a balance between different pillow sizes, mix patterns and textures of pillow covers and consider the overall aesthetic of your rooms. By implementing these ideas, you can achieve a visually pleasing and welcoming atmosphere.

Now that you know the ways you can transform your spaces with the use of throw pillows, it’s time to explore your options. Visit Crate and Barrel Philippines stores today or shop online to discover a wide range of throw pillow inserts, blankets, and pillow cases for sale.
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