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Cutting Boards

Slice, Cut, and Chop on Quality Cutting Boards 

Unleash the full potential of your kitchen skills with our handpicked collection of the best cutting boards. Our collection includes a diverse selection of cutting boards that vary in material, shape, and size—from the timeless appeal of wooden boards to the practicality of nonslip cutting boards.

Cutting Boards for Every Kitchen Task

Cutting boards made from wood have been a mainstay in kitchens for generations. They're naturally beautiful, durable, non-slip, and they come with a lot of other benefits. We carry different wooden cutting boards to choose from, so you can find the perfect one for all your chopping, slicing, and dicing needs. 

For those who appreciate a touch of modern elegance in the kitchen, our collection includes reversible cutting boards. It provides a sleek and stylish surface for slicing but also maintains a nonslip grip for control. 

If safety and precision are what you need when you chop your ingredients, our nonslip cutting boards are the best choice for you. Designed for stability and grip, these cutting boards stay securely in place, allowing you to focus on your knife skills without worrying about slips or accidents. 

Unrivaled Quality in Every Slice

Discover the perfect cutting board for every kitchen task. Whether you're looking for a large board for prepping big meals or a small one for slicing snacks, Crate and Barrel has all the types of cutting boards you need. It’s time to take your culinary journey to the next level by exploring this collection today.

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