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How to Choose a Coffee Table for Your Living Space

How to Choose a Coffee Table for Your Living Space

A coffee table is a versatile piece of furniture that offers a convenient surface for placing decorative pieces, drinks, snacks, and books. It is not just functional furniture; it also serves as a stylish centerpiece in your living space. The right coffee table will bring the elements of style and functionality to any room.

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When it comes to choosing the perfect coffee table, consider various factors from its design and dimensions to the materials used. With a guide in choosing a coffee table, you’ll be able to pick the best option that will suit your living space.

Coffee Table Shapes

A coffee table should be in harmony with other furniture in your living area. Think about how the table fills the space, how it matches the overall aesthetic, and how it functions together with your sofa.


Coffee tables with round shapes exude a sense of elegance and fluidity. With no sharp corners, they are an excellent choice for small homes. This shape creates a welcoming and intimate atmosphere, encouraging easy conversation and flow in your living room. Pair a round coffee table with a sectional sofa or a 3-seater sofa with accent chairs.


Square coffee tables offer a more structured and symmetrical look to your living spaces. They are versatile and can fit well in both traditional and contemporary settings. This table shape nestles perfectly in a sectional or modular sofa setup.


Rectangle coffee tables provide ample surface area for placing various items while its sleek silhouette makes it a great option for narrow spaces. Consider pairing a rectangular coffee table with a standard sofa.


An oval-shaped coffee table is ideal for those who want to have a visual flow in their living area. Similar to rectangle coffee tables, this shape achieves the same function but with softer angles. This makes it the best choice for households with small children or pets.

Coffee Table Materials

The choice of material for your coffee table is important for both aesthetics and durability. Consider your lifestyle and maintenance preferences when selecting the material.

Coffee Table Materials


If you want to add a touch of rustic charm or refined elegance, choose a wood coffee table. This material is a timeless classic that brings warmth and natural beauty to any room. It may come in various finishes including oak, walnut, and mahogany so you can choose a style that complements your existing furniture. 

A wood coffee table requires maintenance so keep it clean with regular dusting. You might want to use coasters and placemats to protect the surface from stains.


If you're looking to add a contemporary and industrial touch to your living spaces, metal coffee tables are an excellent choice. They provide a visually appealing design-forward style in various finishes for a modern and edgy focal point in your room.


Coffee tables made of marble are for those seeking a touch of luxury and sophistication. Marble tables add a sense of opulence and refinement to your living room.


Small spaces call for a glass coffee table. This material helps in making the room appear brighter, open, and spacious. Styling a glass table is also easy as it works for various design styles.

Table Proportion Matters

The coffee table dimension is key in balancing all elements in the living room. A coffee table's height and size can easily make a drastic change in the overall feel of your space.

Tip: Pick a coffee table that is at least one or two inches lower than your sofa seat to allow you to grab things from the tabletop easily. The table length should also be two-thirds the width of your sofa to create a balanced look. Plus, there should be a 14-inch clearance from your table to the sofa so you have space to move around.

Other Things to Consider When Choosing a Coffee Table

Style and Design

The type of coffee table should complement the overall style and design of your living spaces. If you have contemporary decor, a sleek and minimalist coffee table may be an ideal choice. For a more traditional or rustic setting, a wooden coffee table with intricate detailing can add warmth and character.

Functionality and Storage

Arrange your coffee table in a way that facilitates conversation and functionality. Think about how you intend to use the coffee table. Use a coffee table with built-in drawers or shelves as an additional storage space. These can be useful for stowing away remote controls, magazines, or other small items.

Consider placing a tray on the coffee table to corral items and keep the surface organized. Add a small vase of fresh flowers or a decorative centerpiece to enhance the visual appeal.

Placement and Arrangement

Place the coffee table within easy reach of your seating area. It should be positioned at a comfortable distance from the sofa or chairs to allow for easy access. Ensure there is enough space around the coffee table for people to move around without feeling cramped.

Choosing the right coffee table for your living space involves considering factors such as size, style, functionality, and material. Follow this guide so you can find a coffee table that not only enhances the aesthetics of your living room but also serves as a practical and functional addition to your space.

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